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Handbuilding Workshops

Handbuilding Workshops

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× 2 h = 2 h handbuilding + 2 h glazing

In a small group of 4–6 we can experiment with different shapes and techniques, from pinching, coiling to slab building. Free forms can be tried out here and small objects like cups, bowls, vases and sculptures can be made. 

The 1 × 3 hours workshop options (instead of 2 × 2) give you more time to create and they include painting your pieces with Engobe colours. After drying and firing they will be final glazed with a transparent layer by me.

All materials, tools and firings are included. More infos → Workshops


The pieces need to dry for 7–10 days, before they can go into the kiln to be fired for the first time. Then you can glaze your objects, followed by a glaze firing at 1240°C, a slow cool down, until you can finally hold them in your hands.


Sat, 13. + 27. January from 12.00-14.00 
Sat, 03. + 17. February from 12.00-14.00 
Sat, 10. + 24. February from 12.00-14.00 
Sat, 02. + 16. March 
from 12.00-14.00 
Sat, 09. March from 11.00-14.00 (1 x 3 h)
Sat, 23. March from 11.00-14.00 (1 x 3 h) 
Sat, 06. + 20. April from 12.00-14.00 
Sat, 13. + 27. April from 12.00-14.00 
Sat, 04. + 18. May from 12.00-14.00 

To make a reservation just write a mail with your prefered date and time after your booking. Please cancel your class at least 10 days in advance by email to get a full refund.

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