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Fermentation Workshop

Fermentation Workshop

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Throughout history fermentation has been used as a tool for food preservation: this ancient culinary technology has been cultivated by humans since 10.000 years. With the help of microbes we get nutrition from substances that would otherwise be harmful or difficult to digest.

Fermented foods are not only nutritious and better to digest, they are healthy and full of delicious new flavors. We encounter fermentation every day in coffee, bread, olives, vinegar, miso, soy sauce, cheese, wine or beer. As both a metaphor and a physical process, fermentation embodies aspects of transformation, preservation, accessibility, diversity and care.

In the fermentation workshops we dive into different culinary histories and food cultures, techniques and recipes. We will taste and chop vegetables, roast spices and prepare new ferments that can be taken home and enjoyed a few weeks later.


1 x3 hours lacto-fermentation workshop

All you need to bring is a preserving jar (glass or ceramic) and the vegetables you'd like to ferment. We have salt and spices waiting in the studio for you.

Please cancel the workshop 10 days in advance to get a refund.

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